Our Story

RSS Manufacturing was founded by Geoff Escalette, former co-owner and president of BrassTech / Newport Brass in California. At the time of acquisition by Masco in 2002, his company was the largest independent manufacturer of decorative faucets in the U.S.A. Following the sale of BrassTech, Geoff combined his business interests with one of his personal passions by founding Stuttgart Performance and Road Sport Supply – highly specialized companies for building, servicing and fabricating aftermarket parts for exotic automobiles and race cars. As the companies have grown, they have expanded manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for short-run production of precision components for high performance vehicles.

Bringing the story forward, it’s not surprising that Geoff found a striking similarity between the needs and demands of his exotic auto parts customers and those of high-end faucet firms. Both needing the rather rare availability of short-run, extremely high quality production from a domestic source. Thus, Geoff has returned to his roots by adding a new OEM Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings Division to his company. RSS Manufacturing is proud to be producing in the U.S.A. and operates from a 65,000 Sq.Ft. factory and company headquarters located in Costa Mesa, CA.